Release of “Go with the flow” on June 1

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Abian’s first single will be released on June 1 at 20.21. The single is called “Go with the flow” and the idea to the song started with a beat he wanted to do. When he got that right, everything else came naturally. Abian has searched for a collaboration where he can find a feeling in the voice that fits the meaning of the song and the best fit is Joey who lives in Los Angeles. It is inspiring to work with others, and with today’s technology it is possible to solve even if the physical distance is large. He started the collaboration in early spring and it was just finished. Abian has produced the music and Joey recorded the audio in his own studio. “Go with the flow” is about not complicating things. Not think too much, instead trust and listen to yourself. Then everything will work out just fine.


Album cover / Jonas Wahlstrand

Phot0 / Andreas Zetterqvist